We Offer Two Distinct Services:

  • Senior Living Placement
  • ElderCare Consulting
Senior Living Placement

To help you find the best care community, we take the time necessary to specifically match your loved one with communities that can best meeting your loved one's unique care needs. 

As your personal representative or agent, we contact the communities for you, which saves the time and frustration of doing the tedious initial research yourself. Then, we accompany you on visits to the communities that best match your loved one's medical, financial and social needs. We lay out all the options for you; and the final decision is yours.

Although it may be tempting to start researching and touring communities on your own, you will get better results by letting us represent you from start to finish. In most cases, our service fee for this program is covered by the care community (free to you), if we make the initial contact and do the initial research on your behalf. Please let everyone involved in your loved one’s care know that our service remains free if no one contacts communities directly, which includes calling the community for general information, visiting the communities to pick-up a brochure, or completing online forms. In total, this program as outlined above provides your family with approximately 10 to 15 hours of free (and valuable) research, resources, advice and consulting.

ElderCare Consulting

If your loved one would prefer to stay at home as long as possible, or you are looking for professional guidance in your role as caregiver and decision maker, we are also available as private consultants.

Our ElderCare Consulting service is tailored exclusively for you. It can be as extensive as developing a comprehensive family care plan and coaching you through the entire process, to interviewing and securing the best home care team, or hosting a one-time family meeting, so that everyone on the same page as you carry out loved one’s wishes together.

Simply put, we are here to help you during this time, whatever your needs may be.